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  • Traditional natural stone look
  • Smooth to medium textured sandstone finish is easier to clean than other deeply textured products
  • Made from durable, high strength wet cast concrete (In excess of 50MPa) not porous, imitation sandstone
  • All wall caps receive our anti-efflorescence treatment to minimize the staining from white salts
  • Sizes: To suit a variety of standard concrete block walls click here for sizes
  • Colours: Available in all 9 Helidon colours to match your Helidon paving click here for colours
  • Accessories: The range is huge! 24 different products in singles and doubles, corners and curves
  • Product Applications:
    Double bullnose for 2 sided walls
    3 sided bullnose for finishing off the end of a wall
    Corner bullnose eliminate the need for unattractive and difficult mitres on corners
    Curved double bullnose for ponds and spas eliminate cutting of caps
    Single bullnose for 1 sided walls



When specifying Stone Directions’ wall caps it is important to accurately refer to all of the following features:

Stone Directions - Surface Finish - Product Type - Size - Colour - Product Code

eg. Stone Directions, Helidon, Double Bullnose, 260 x 400, Limestone colour, Code No. HDB2640LS

The tables below show the relevant product type, size and colour for Helidon Wall Caps.

If you must allow for different brands of pavers it is important to specify the following basic standards to ensure that other pavers being considered are of a comparable standard to Stone Directions:

  1. Pavers must have a concrete compressive strength of at least 40 MPa.
  2. Pavers must be manufactured using wet cast technology.
  3. Pavers must have a thickness consistency of no more than +/- 2.5 mm.
  4. Pavers must have a plan size consistency of no more than +/- 3.0 mm.
  5. Pavers must be given an effective pre-delivery anti-efflorescence treatment.

The colour must be equivalent to the specified Stone Directions colour. Click here for Helidon Colour Range

Surface finish must not be deeply textured.

Product Code
Paver Style
Product Type
Double Bullnose
210 x 400 x 40
Mocha Blend (MB)*
Limestone (LS)
Wheat (WH)
Ivory (IV)
Pearl Grey (PG)
Gunmetal (GM)*
Walnut (WN) *
Spice (SP)
Vanilla (VN)

* group ' B'
260 x 400 x 40
375 x 400 x 40
450 x 600 x 40
Double Bullnose End Cap
260 x 420 x 40
375 x 420 x 40
450 x 620 x 40
Internal Corner Bullnose
400 x 400 x 40
External Corner Bullnose
260 x 260 x 40
375 x 375 x 40
400 x 400 x 40
Square Edged Coping
400 x 600 x 40
Double Bullnose Curved – Internal Radius of 1650
260 x IR1650
Double Bullnose Curved – Internal Radius of 500
260 x IR500
Double Bullnose Curved – Internal Radius of 985
260 x IR985
Single Bullnose
230 x 200 x 40
375 x 200 x 40
250 x 400 x 40
320 x 400 x 40
375 x 400 x 40
400 x 400 x 40
370 x 600 x 40

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