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  • They're durable because they are made from high strength wet cast concrete and not a weak imitation sandstone mix of sand and cement.
  • The sizes suit standard brick and block piers with a small allowance for cement render.
  • The pier caps are supplied in two(2) pieces for ease of handling on site.
  • Rosemont pier caps can be produced with a special light mounting option which has a 25mm dia hole through both pieces for the electrical cable and a 150sq flat on top.
  • The standard colour is Ivory but they can be made to order in the Limestone colour.
  • For safe transporting all caps are packed on to pallets and delivered by crane truck or you can collect them yourself.



The Pavilion and Artisano finish products share all of the same shapes and sizes as well as the same concrete colours. The differences are in the surface texture and the Artisano colours are a little more subdued than the Pavilion ones because of the post production texturing process used on the Artisano.

The Pavilion finish:

  • A modern no-fuss understated finish.
  • The minimalist edge chamfer gives the Pavilion Paver clean crisp lines
  • The almost invisible surface texture is very discreet but gives one of the best slip ratings available.

The Artisano finish:

  • A ‘soft’ contemporary texture exhibiting subtle exposure of fine sand grains.
  • The minimalist edge chamfer gives the Artisano Paver clean crisp lines
  • The almost satin-like surface texture has a slip resistance which is suitable for outdoor walkways including steps and pool surrounds.

Pavilion and Artisano products:

  • Made from beautiful, durable wet cast concrete with a strength in excess of 50MPa which is 1 ½ to 2 times most other concrete paving products.
  • Wall Cap Sizes: 260 mm wide (40 mm and 70 mm thick) to suit 200 mm thick walls and 380 mm wide (40 mm thick) to suit 300 mm walls.
  • Style: Square edged profile (2 sided)
  • Colours: Pavilion and Artisano - 9 contemporary colours – 3 purples, 3 greys and 3 browns
  • Designers’ Colour Palette: 21 co-ordinated contemporary colours for architects, landscape architects and interior designers
  • Accessories: 30 different products in the range

How to Specify:

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